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• The data and details merely represent a general description, which should serve as a guide for potential buyers and should not be considered an offer or contract, or portion thereof;

• The visuals presented on this webpage represent a concept and may differ from reality.

• any descriptions, measurements, references to
structural condition, permits required for possession or use and any other data and particulars have been furnished in good faith; potential buyers however, may not rely on the correctness thereof, but must themselves confirm the
correctness of the information;

• no employee of Colliers has authority to make a statement or furnish a guarantee regarding this property which is binding on Colliers International Real Estate B.V., its commissioning party or the owner;

• Colliers shall not accept any liability towards parties using the sales information and/or towards others regarding any errors in this information or information to be provided later;

• any activities between potential buyers and Colliers relating to this sale shall expressly be subject to approval from our commissioning party. This approval shall also pertain to, for example, but not limited to, a buyer Customer Due Diligence to be performed by the seller, the result of which must be satisfactory to the commissioning party; and that;

• an agreement may only be formed through written notice of an acceptance which is consistent with an offer in all respects and, hence, with respect to subordinate items as well.